Reviews for "Mario Bros. 3 1-2 (1up)"

Simply perfect, that's what i say.

Wow!! All that humor! But do you use the SNES emulator to rip the sprites?But what you really need to do is fix the sounds some places. At least when Yoshi bounces on Mario and a few scenes thereafter.

Great, man!

This being your first doesn't mean it sucks, not at all! This is even one of the best Mario parodies on NG! (At least, that's what i think.)

8 bit just isnt the way to go

...except final fantasy, those 8bit dudes are kool. anyway, this was an awesome flash. i like the music that was at the beginning. its so kool.

nice guy

nice mario movie! the story is good! nice work!

Way to go.

Ive seen all three of you and 1up's works and i have nothing to say... other then BRAVO!!! 3 thu-umm-wait... 2! 2 Thumbs up! (if i had 3 i would have said 3.... hold on.... 2 thumbs and 2 big fungus infected toes up! (j/k) that was really good tho.) Make even more, thats all i can say now... and i really want to see what that 'mistake' was.