Reviews for "Mario Bros. 3 1-2 (1up)"

Fun with 8, 16, and 64-bit graphics.

Not the best I've seen, but it's better than the crappy mario movies I watched here before I got my account. Mixing up different graphics like that though is something I've never seen done before in a flah movie. I'm surprised I managed to see the 3-D Yoshi without any slowdown with the dial-up I have. Not a bad movie.

Stryder's last comment: Nope.

Hey! not bad!

While this is nothing to do backflips and sing praises about, this is a helluva lot better than some of the other mario crap out there. This is incredibly skilled for a first try; i'd say this is better than alot of stuff experienced people, such as people who make hentai, will do in their entire lifetimes. 8 of 10.


And who says physical humor is a lost art? That REALLY made me laugh. Great use of sprites, and the rendering at the end was awesome.

hilarious!!!!!!!!A must watch flash!!!!!!:)

as conker would say "now this is kickass!!"

This flash was pretty interesting...

Pretty funny film, though the graphics were a little jagged when Yoshi came into view at the end. There also wasn't much violence to it or interactivity.

Otherwise, good work!