Reviews for "Arbez-quickintro"

It will be good when its finished Im sure

However its hard to comment on something that doesnt make any sence because its just a trailer ! Your art is good and you had som really fluid animation towards the end. Also I really liked your city scenes. Very threeD-ish. But besides that it makes no sence and is just another trailer, hence why you score low

Trailers sucks

We don't give a damn about trailers, just show us the fucking movie.


That was good but don't send fucking previews. You are not a major motion picture production company. Therefore no one will be waiting with anticipation for your movie to come out.... Despite my words, I'm sure the movie will be good. Looks like you have tallent. I just hope you can also write a good story to go along with that tallent.

Good put as freakin preview

If you want to submit your movie fine but WAIT TILL ITS FINISHED. It looks like an awsome project but its a waist of my time.

Graphics and style can't be beat

But this is a flash that I'd defeat. the rest of this flash sucks ass so much, I would rather find a pile of shit to touch!