Reviews for "Arbez-quickintro"


Ned, you ARE my hero...

I've been keeping an eye on ARBEZ for quite a while, and, the old-schooler I am, I always love going back on the groundwork...remembering what was...

...this cute, consise, rapid little Frash skit...

You were badass before the world knew, and you're even badderass now.

If any of you are interested in seeing what is NOW as far as his works go, DO check out his site! http://www.oneblaze.com/
Arbez is CRAZY!!!!!!!!!

Fabulous artwork and sound...

However, i always give demos and unfinished work zeros...and anything by Randy Lee.

Pretty Damn good

Ok, this looks like something cool to come. I cant wait to see the finished product


Based on just a teaser, it looks like it should be good! Ill give you a 3 though because its not complete.

You have potential

Hey this was pretty rad. At least you actually tried to movements etc...and you clearly have a style. Keep working on it -you have a lot of talent! And don't listen to the losers who say otherwise- they are just jealous.