Reviews for "Arbez-quickintro"

Fabulous artwork and sound...

However, i always give demos and unfinished work zeros...and anything by Randy Lee.

Looks neat.

The animation of the ship reminds me of R-Type, and the characters are similar to X-Men. Both are cool, so keep it up and hope to see something new soon.



Good put as freakin preview

If you want to submit your movie fine but WAIT TILL ITS FINISHED. It looks like an awsome project but its a waist of my time.


That was good but don't send fucking previews. You are not a major motion picture production company. Therefore no one will be waiting with anticipation for your movie to come out.... Despite my words, I'm sure the movie will be good. Looks like you have tallent. I just hope you can also write a good story to go along with that tallent.