Reviews for "Arbez-quickintro"

Damn nice style!

But it was a trailer, and it was too short. However, it was stylin', so I gave it a 5 simply for that reason

You have potential

Hey this was pretty rad. At least you actually tried to movements etc...and you clearly have a style. Keep working on it -you have a lot of talent! And don't listen to the losers who say otherwise- they are just jealous.

Made no sense! Really weird.

You are really wacked!

Neochilds responds:

If I only had time to care for what you child like critics think! I would respond with insults but I submit for a reason and that's to get my ideas out!

Pretty Damn good

Ok, this looks like something cool to come. I cant wait to see the finished product

It's a demo.

I don't enjoy demos and other unfinished works, except the VGDC Yoshi Island demo, this sucked, it was about 3 seconds long, and its a demo! State its a demo in the title next time.