Reviews for "Arbez-quickintro"

nice animation

I really like the background animation in this. Sure to be good. and anyone who gives a low score bc its not finished is dumb. good ratings ensure good movies.


Based on just a teaser, it looks like it should be good! Ill give you a 3 though because its not complete.


Ned, you ARE my hero...

I've been keeping an eye on ARBEZ for quite a while, and, the old-schooler I am, I always love going back on the groundwork...remembering what was...

...this cute, consise, rapid little Frash skit...

You were badass before the world knew, and you're even badderass now.

If any of you are interested in seeing what is NOW as far as his works go, DO check out his site! http://www.oneblaze.com/
Arbez is CRAZY!!!!!!!!!

Graphics and style can't be beat

But this is a flash that I'd defeat. the rest of this flash sucks ass so much, I would rather find a pile of shit to touch!

It will be good when its finished Im sure

However its hard to comment on something that doesnt make any sence because its just a trailer ! Your art is good and you had som really fluid animation towards the end. Also I really liked your city scenes. Very threeD-ish. But besides that it makes no sence and is just another trailer, hence why you score low