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Reviews for "Wembley Park - Ep13"


That's really awesome! and hillarious!

Good but,

why the random episode names?


Lol I loved that. I liked the music you played before and after. It was catchy. I'm still amazed by the drawings. I was laughing most of the time. The little alien's dad was choking him. How sad, but it was hilarious. Loved it.


good job

Very good

Cept one quick question, why r u submitting it to newgrounds, this is a deffo english thingy and no one here will understand the humour in it. Few people r english in this place.

Good man dressed up as woman voice tho (lilly savage is that it?)

tinyflea responds:

well with 2/2 daily seconds, someones getting it...and anyway, i don't mind the people who don't like it...that's what NG's all about isn't it?