Reviews for "Flying Heaven (Street Fighter)"


I really like how you implemented all the different instruments into this song, it gave it quite a genuine feel-- very unique compared to a lot of the pure-synth stuff on NG. Actually I guess it's possible you synthed the ethnic instruments-- in that case you deserve much more credit than I can provide here.
The way the arrangement moves around is nice too. The discrete segments all mesh together quite well, and it gives that feeling of overdrive with motivation (not just blind overdrive).

Excellent job, one of the best productions I've heard in a while.


I could never imagine how hard it would have been to make this. I can tell how much work would have gone into making this. Everything is perfect, it couldn't be any better. Good job


This is awesome
This song gives me an Idea
Make partys with it =P
I have no more to say, just enjoy a lot =P

This is so well done. I could hear this in a Tekken game to be honest! Japanese instruments = <3

This remix is awesome!