Reviews for "Flying Heaven (Street Fighter)"


I could whoop some shit to this song... with a blunt in my mouth, of course.

More perfection

if this was in an album i would buy it

was well

This music has something like naruto

Well well! something good for a change.

Everything I hear on NGs' audio seems to either be pure techno or crap nowadays, but after some digging I found this, and it's true amazing! I love the oriental thing that you have in it, and yet you can make it so hardcore while relaxing at the same time. Very well done. I give you MASSIVE props on this piece man, it kicked me in the face with awesome. The song as a whole is very different, yet familiar, it also get the blood going, but will sooth you as well. my overall review...

length: 10/10
originality: 9/10
flow: 10/10
sound quality: 10/10
overall: 10/10
Newgrounds score: 5/5
congrats that it's in a game, proves how awesome it really is :)


Jason, i've seen hon digest. In fact, i'm a hon player myself. I love smyger and this song!