Reviews for "Flying Heaven (Street Fighter)"

Hell yeah.

You're the man, Zircon. Long-time fan of your stuff at OCR. I've heard this song plenty since it was released. Makes me wanna go play some more SF2: HD.

Keep 'em coming.

10 and 5.

Zircon = One of my biggest inspirations.

I remember finding you on OCremix about 5 years ago and i was stunned from your remix "When All Hope Has Faded - Chrono Trigger". You have been one of the biggest inspirations in my life and i want to thank you for posting your music online =).

This song:
I love this song! The guitar is just amazing and the beat is so epic! My fav part though would be the background synth that comes in at 1:00 it sounds like tubeish i just love it =). The breakdown in the middle is just awesome and you are one of my all-time favourite artists.


I love your stuff man.
(A huge fan)

super duper

this is hot. i usually check out the hip hop section of this site cause thats the kind of music i make... but most of the artists in there are terrible.
so i'm venturing out and this is my first click and its amazing. good shit.


By far the best remix I've seen in LONG time. Great job!



I was never too much of a fan of video game music..
until about 10 minutes ago when I started listening to your stuff.
You are freakin amazing..

Musicality 10/10
Sound Quality 10/10
Originality 10/10
Awesome Scale 11/10