Reviews for "Flying Heaven (Street Fighter)"


This is awesome
This song gives me an Idea
Make partys with it =P
I have no more to say, just enjoy a lot =P

super duper

this is hot. i usually check out the hip hop section of this site cause thats the kind of music i make... but most of the artists in there are terrible.
so i'm venturing out and this is my first click and its amazing. good shit.


I could whoop some shit to this song... with a blunt in my mouth, of course.


I could never imagine how hard it would have been to make this. I can tell how much work would have gone into making this. Everything is perfect, it couldn't be any better. Good job

Excelent Song!!

The fusion of cultures you made here is amazing. all the instruments are coordinated in perfect harmony. the beat is really cool, and its kinda sticky. thats why only have one word to rate this song: ANIMAL!