Reviews for "Flying Heaven (Street Fighter)"

That was cool

Very good remix. I couldn't stop listening 'till the end and then I just had to replay it.


Great mix, I really like this!


Absalutly amasing :)

Pretty nuts beats

I liked the way you started out with the most memorable riff from the original, and kept it running for the first bit of the track; really sets the listener into the idea that this is coming from the track in SF. That way, when you really do change it up further on into the track it's clear what exactly you've done with it.

I really liked the way you transposed the same riff later on, and gave it an almost sinister twang.

Most importantly, and this is a big issue with remixes, you didn't make it the least bit repetitive, even though it only had one riff running throughout. The way you swapped it in and out of the foreground of the track was great.

Easily the best remix I've heard in the last year. Thanks for making it.



By far the best remix I've seen in LONG time. Great job!