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Reviews for "Bad Lucker (Orchestral)"

Piano Maestro.

A bit much dissonance to the piano than I would have preferred, but very good otherwise.

pftq responds:


Very nice..

I like it very much. The build up is a bit to much. It feels like the song is just on constant climax. i recommend chosing one instrument for each section to be the main melody, alternate it between the piano and strings a little more, whilst softening the other sections a little. Also some strong percussion to act as a motor rhythm.

pftq responds:

Will keep that in mind, thanks!

Better then the piano but...

I listened to the piano version more then this. I always thought that it needed more consonant chords playing throughout. It's a lil much for me and after awhile it gets annoying to listen to after awhile. Your very talented but my only advice is calm down with the playing.

It's original I'll give you that much :)

pftq responds:

lol thanks - will keep those suggestions in mind. Bashing the keyboard is a lot of fun though :P