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Reviews for "Treasure Collecting"

mixed atmosphere??

The music is relaxing but also a little bit creepy, i think?
I think most of your ambient musics are really great. Nice job!

Nayhan responds:

It's not meant to be creepy, its meant to be little people running around joyfully collecting things.

must collect...

If I listen to this and close my eyes I see a faint outline of a figure dancing around picking stuff up. Guess the title effected my imagination

Nayhan responds:

lol, that's what titles are for.

Treasure Collecting

Awesome!!! I already donwloaded Tnx!!

Nayhan responds:

.. :)

awww! soooo cute!

this song is sooo, cute! you are getting, sooo, much 5s for that!

Nayhan responds:

cute! D:< ...lol thanks

This is damn beautiful

it's so... delicate... I am mesmerized by this beautiful piece of work *_*

brings seizuring to a whole new level

Nayhan responds:

Thank-yoo, happee seizuring.. <3