Reviews for "GALACTUS"

One of my favorite art pieces on NG

awesome, i love galactus, your coloring and shading looks perfect :) thank you for gracing my eyes with its presence

Good job, definitely a 5 in my book. The only thing I see, is that the Silver surfer seems a bit forced into the picture. It seems the silver surfer is stamped onto the picture. It's probably just me, but overall the lighting is great and the characters are true to form.

nerds, help me

First, it is awesome!
it looks wonderful even to me who knows practically nothing exept a few facts about the marvel universe

which leads to my question when "Galan" merged with this "watcher"? he basically became GOD and tries to recreate the Multiverse and the Starship he and his companions tried to flee in. So where is the conflict? how could someone like the f4 or the silver surfer even believe the could fight against an entity which can destroy a galaxy with a snap of a finger ?!?

Ps please pm me on this one!


just wow