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Reviews for "Wembley Park - Ep21"


atleast it had a storyline unlike someother crap presented to newgrounds, but still boring REALLY not funny (I was being really generous giving you that 1) and wasn't a long enough "adventure" as some might call it, sorry dude but that was a sorry excuse of anytype of cartoon.

Kind of weird

but ok i guess. Nice graphics.


This is so funny man. Defenetly make more. Good job.

This rocks.

I don't know if this is going to strike the humor chord with most users on NGS, but I'm all for the good ol' black british humor.

Audio-visual quality is great imho (note: I never made any Flash, so who am I to judge?).

Make more of these, please. ;)

PS: Cool mini-game. (:

Uhh ok

A weird movie though