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Reviews for "Wembley Park - Ep21"


Not exactly what i would call a masterpiece, nice take on how great England is though! Big up!

Nice take on the English attitude to football!

I enjoyed this Flash movie. (I was thinking 'at last! Something from and for the British on Newgrounds!' - LOL)

It is interesting to see the way you've taken the stereotype of the typical excitable English football fan. (I was laughing hard at 'Cerebral Overload' and the Matrix parody!)

But after seeing the 4-2 beating of Croatia yesterday, you still just can't help being proud of the England team and the fans (like the ones you've parodied) who spurred England on to make it all possible.

England-Greece 10-0? (I like your confidence in England!) Maybe you should change the opposing team to Portugal, and then your Flash movie could be a prophecy for England for Thursday!! (We can only hope...)


Love it but you should have change the other team to France (90 min then they score equaliser in extra time >_< Barstards!)

Hell yeh!

Great stuff. Very smooth and nice animation. And what a victory yesterday! WOOO!!


Hey i suggest you make some film about the caveman with amazing skills. Fred Flinstone meets Wayne Rooney?

come on england.


what was that genie from again.... Mr brown or something .. Lol good ol days. well done ... not many americans are gonna get this tho lol

tinyflea responds:

Mr Benn :)