Reviews for "Divine"


a written review

I honestly can't see this and not think of the comic series "the Crossed"

I don't understand the fuss...

This is fine art. Amazingly at detail and color. In my opinion, this is simply underrated. The drawing style is just wounderful and wicked just a almost perfectly exact drawing (with a software on the computer, not hand-drawn!!) of a woman.

Also love the detail with the sweat and the flecks at the body.

Well done~

Very good, however it needs a few tweaks.

I really like your digital painting. It has very great color and contrast.

The one thing that immediately comes out is the perspective of the face. I'm not going to point them out, (otherwise it's the only thing people will look at. As a former portrait artist I notice these things immediately), however the easiest way to fix this would be to take a photo of yourself at that angle, and adjust the image accordingly. If you need a hint feel free to send me a PM.

Otherwise very good. I like how your images are becoming more sharp.


The easiest way to get plusses in the book, make a picture of naked chick and for added flare don't show anything else in the picture...