Reviews for "Stone Trek: "20001BC" P2"

this is exceptional my friend!

this is should go down as one of the very top submissions ever!this is fantastic flash work
its like it had a sitcom budget behind it or something!view this or you are a dum-dum!

Great as always.....

Always well thought out, always well animated, always well written, always well voiced, always profesionaly made, and better than Hana Barbara.

Nice very good

Overall very good

Thanks for the reviews

Brian and I want to say thanks for all the great reviews, and even the not so great ones. Ego strokes are the only pay we get for doing Stone Trek. If you just can't get your fill of Stone Trek, just cruise on over to stonetrek.com, where we post the latest news and whatever. Then click on the link to Sapringer Central, Brian's ,ain web site, and check out what else he chucked into the blender with Star Trek. Keep on trekkin'.


i think that people who cant understand The Space Odyssey are complite retards. please remain calm and exit the building.