Reviews for "Stone Trek: "20001BC" P2"


Did I miss something?
I'm sorry, i saw this in the Top 50 and while it loaded I really, REALLY wanted to like it... but I ended up hating it. I mean, it had some great graphics and sound, but the whole idea just didn't grip me. Anyhow, loads of people seem to like it, so keep it up.

sorry to say but this sukked

the other episodes were great but this 1 just sukked


this sucked

great, great, great animation

but your story is so perfunctory and sophmoric that I can't quite enjoy this unsensible magoo of a movie. Refrain from nerd humor as I shall tell you that as such a talented artist you may care to turn the reigns over to a more professional storyteller. In other words, blow me.


i dont like these movies, they are boring to me.