Reviews for "Stone Trek: "20001BC" P2"

If only they gave oscas for flash toons.

No let up in quality, the jokes are thick, fast and stupid. Just the way I like them. Keep it up. When do we get the blockbuster full feature length movie?


Maybe it's the fact that I already saw some pretty crappy movies today. NOTE TO ALL: Mummy Returns = Horse S**T! Anyways, this one was incredibly nice, there were some sound issues, but nothing I'm sure you wouldn't be able to take care of on your own. Also, in your next productions of this it would be nice if there was more of a purpose to the whole thing. This one lacked a decent plot, but again, it's probably nothing you wouldnt be able to take care of. Good luck in later productions and so forth!

Stone Trek Rules!

I watched a few months ago. All the other Stone Treks and Ive been waiting a bit 4 a new one. Thanx man, these films should be in acending order at the top of the portal. But just because they don't feature swearing, gay jokes, nudity and sum other crap, their marked down. These should be 5 outta 5, they rool. Thanx man

a thing at the end

if u watch the end credits u see hal go muhahahahahaha again


Stone Trek kicks ass.