Reviews for "Stone Trek: "20001BC" P2"


Did I miss something?
I'm sorry, i saw this in the Top 50 and while it loaded I really, REALLY wanted to like it... but I ended up hating it. I mean, it had some great graphics and sound, but the whole idea just didn't grip me. Anyhow, loads of people seem to like it, so keep it up.


I though the animation and grafix were great, the music and voices where too but the story stunk. you have a great idea here but you should apply it to a better story line.


Good job

God damn, I love Stone Trek

Pleaes just beam me up to your mind so I can see how this genius works LOL.

Anyway, it's good, well done.

Fix sound! Argh!

Great movie, but toward the second half of the movie the sound jumped about a full second ahead of the images. So Fix it!