Reviews for "Stone Trek: "20001BC" P2"

This was good!

It was pretty funny. Hope you're going to make more "StoneTrek" flash.
Good work!


A parody of The Flinstones and Star Trek... How edgy... I think your humor is stuck in a time warp.

Good combo of two classics

Good combination of StarTrek and Flintstones. The voice even sounds like a mix between Fred and Kirk, however it's hard to understand some of the dialog. I always enjoy finding some of these good "non-violent, non-sexual" movies.

Great stuff as ablways,but...

The laughtrack and sound effects were a bit too loud. Kinda detracted from the overall pleasure I COULD have gotten. Still, that's the only bad thing I have to say about it,so...

Stone Trek Rules!

I watched a few months ago. All the other Stone Treks and Ive been waiting a bit 4 a new one. Thanx man, these films should be in acending order at the top of the portal. But just because they don't feature swearing, gay jokes, nudity and sum other crap, their marked down. These should be 5 outta 5, they rool. Thanx man