Reviews for "Stone Trek: "20001BC" P2"

We Need Some Borg Here

Brian, get some Borg in on the mix. They could have like rocks and animals for their implants, like a small dino on a drone's head, across one of his eyes...sorry bout the trek geek thing there... went off for a min...TJ Hooker...that's funny....


I'll have to agree with punisher1 on one thing. Speaking as a Trek nerd myself, I was better able to understand (and thus laugh out loud to) all the spoofs on Star Trek (like the overused camera angles and such). Then putting it together with the charm and cheesiness of Hanna-Barbara cartoons and superb voice acting to blend the characters made it out to be a freaking hilarious film. And it's one of the higher quality films I've seen on Newgrounds.


unlike the other idiot who gave this a bad rating it is as good as all of them are. This series has the same humor and style that alot of 60s-80s cartoons had. the whole point of this is to make fun of that and star trek. So if your a trek nerd you will probalby hate this.

sorry to say but this sukked

the other episodes were great but this 1 just sukked

Im really sorry about this...

Man, you are like the god when it comes to star trek/flintstones crossovers (wow, I could have worded that a lot better) but this really did suck ass compared to the first three episodes. sorry again.