Reviews for "Stone Trek: "20001BC" P2"


i liked this unusual movie the comedy the animation the only thing that really anoyed me waz the lafter inbetween the jockes it is poor quality and it gets on ur nerves

i whould love to see more

...but try to get a better lafter sound and make it a bit longer

other than those ....this film rock a must see!!!

This is some great stuff

I have been eagerly waiting for this update and I am glad I am not that dissapointed, however, in contrast to the last 3, this one seems short. But I still enjoy all the jokes, jabs at Star Trek, William Shatrock, and Flinstones. Keep up the good work.

this is exceptional my friend!

this is should go down as one of the very top submissions ever!this is fantastic flash work
its like it had a sitcom budget behind it or something!view this or you are a dum-dum!

Damn Good

Very good......Well put together and original as far as I know.


that was funny just like the others its good so watch or ill kill you