Reviews for "Stone Trek: "20001BC" P2"


i dont like these movies, they are boring to me.

Beautiful Satire

I don't know what the last idiot was talking about. Nothing is original, and the great thing about parody is that you're admitting right off the bat that you're not being original. I thought you did a great job mixing in the three parts of pop-culture with real life. Isn't it sad how someone can fall from their high ego-pedestal to doing horrible commercials. Oh well, thanks for the good flash.

Loved IT!

loved it!


look it would be good except it sucked. it was a poor rip off of a suckey show to begin.
it was a rip off of all rip off's the flinstones was a rip off of the honey mooners a bad show so stop destroying are brain cells and think up something new

OK movie.

The motions of the mouth and the voices werent always exactly on. it could have been better, and it wasn't funny. pretty good parody, great graphics.