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Reviews for "==(Cloudclimber)=="


This is nuts...so freakin relaxing i just love this! Wow...you are the king of ambient...not even joking...so proffesional...dude...


I would say more but im pretty much speechless...

awsome song

you described it very well bravo check out some of my songs

Very Good

i like the instruments used. for some reason kinda makes me think of sonic XD


I loved the piano!

Simply brainwashing!

I'm doing my homework as i'm listening to this for the first time now, and I'm simply astonished by the calmness it gives me. Weeks of stress gone and just relaxing. I seldom write reviews (read never), but I can't let such a good piece of music go by without thanking for it. So... Ehm... Thanks :P Ill be sure to let poeple know of it!

PS: Thinking about clouds now, not homework. :P