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Reviews for "==(Cloudclimber)=="


this excelent good to see somthing other than punk >8( any way this is great i hope it gets included in a game

....... speachless....

This is the first song of your that i listened too..... and i thought it was amazing... it made me feel like i was slowly making my way to the top of a cloud with a friend of mine... then at the to we just sat there a cracked open some beers and relaxed before making the arduous journey home again... you music is deeply relaxing... and awe inspiring. It makes me feel like all the troubles in the world are gone...
your music is brilliant sir....



first off i must say that i feel that we have very similar if not identical visions for music. i read your description even before i listened to the song, and i felt like i wrote it myself. your style is distinctly different from mine, but i definitely felt what i try to feel when making my own music, when i listened to yours.

by far the best track i have come across on NG.

we must collaborate!

This is a amazing piece!

You are indeed the best artist on newgrounds!

...if you don't mind me asking, what applications do you use to make music?
I know there is Reason, but is there another one?



makes me feel like im actually flying high! =D