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Reviews for "==(Cloudclimber)=="


Not certian how light you need to be to climb a mass of water vapour, or how your going to get back down, but good peice. Appeals to the idea of being in the sky. Noticed elements of Funk to keep it from being boring. Dont really like ambient music, but this is an exception.

Love it!

Its great. It's really peaceful to my mind,, I feel happy when i hear it... Really good stuff. Nice description, also, although is not how i would describe it exactly... More than climbing the clouds, i feel like jumping through them freely... But its just my feeling..
Keep it up!

It kinda needs something?

ROFL! just reading that and him not telling you what it needs made me laugh. I'll tell you what it needs. This is obviously a piece that you want the listeners to feel relaxed and at ease. Free minded if you will. In that case add the effect of raindrops...If you want the perspective of falling off coulds then you need to invision falling through rainwithin the clouds, no?

You got what I need.

Great beginning, although making it start 3-5 seconds earlier or so would've calmed the impatient ones.
Nice build up.
Good use of bass, synth and artful use of the smaller, less noticeable but all important tinkers. Good name and fits well with the genre.

Got me relaxed for sure.

Very Strict Critic

Very great.

Hey SBB. this is blackninjawarrior93. I just got a new account! ;D
This song is very powerful and really relaxing!
i like that echo in the background. Haha Very nice.
Awesome job overall. Keep it up.