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Reviews for "==(Cloudclimber)=="

i cant belive you made this

its so good it puts me to sleep imagining what hapens

Just wow!

Just Amazing to listen to. Slow build up which always gets me into some ambient music. I'll download when i got time.


You truly captured the emotion well in this.

I first listened to this a while back and, quite frankly, I wasn't expecting much. As soon as the music started I felt like I had been absorbed into another world. It had a strong mystical feel and emanated a unique emotion. The literature that was given in the author comments was really well written and it fitted the song perfectly, so that added to the experience. This clearly shows that you are a magnificent audio artist of whom worked hard. I'd have expected you to win the MAC08 contest, I preferred this to the winning entry by far.q

this is so nice...

i...love this...its so soothing and beautifull and it sounds great...your really telented...*wisper* oh and i really love the wolf sounds and water music chains they sound nice together keep up the good work you no fail mez

Oh SBB I didn't knew you were making music

This was freakin' awesome!
Everytime I listen to this I fly very high to the clouds, okay?