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Reviews for "==(Cloudclimber)=="

Two or three thumbs up?

Beautiful and talented just like everything else on the portal, love it, keep it up and keep doing what you do best, making funky beats. :3

Superb job

Though I think it'd be nice if the higher parts went a bit higher. Seems sort of watered down at those points, and it'd help to build exitement by allowing the note range to go a bit higher.


You know, this is the first time I've felt that 10/10 just isn't enough. This is like the perfect calming music. Not to mention the Author comment? Incredible.

Once you've started you just can't stop!!! Keep blasting that music

*One annoying thing, at the beginning it's very quiet so I have to raise the volume. Also, it may just be my computer, but it seems to scratch a lot. It could be just lag though.


i lied ilu

Simply brainwashing!

I'm doing my homework as i'm listening to this for the first time now, and I'm simply astonished by the calmness it gives me. Weeks of stress gone and just relaxing. I seldom write reviews (read never), but I can't let such a good piece of music go by without thanking for it. So... Ehm... Thanks :P Ill be sure to let poeple know of it!

PS: Thinking about clouds now, not homework. :P