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Reviews for "==(Cloudclimber)=="

Im a cloud runner >:]

Love the sounds!


An absolutely beautiful work of art. It speaks right to my mind's eye, showing me a world of beauty. I'm sitting on the top of a cloud, legs crossed, a sleek tail in my lap, and then, i hear the great sky-whales, flying nearby, and i take to the skies myself, spreading my own wings and soar, a bandage left behind.

Truly beautiful work SBB, you are a master of speaking to the mind's eye through music.

So smooth!

Oh my god.. this was SOOOO deep, it gave me goosebums!



btw - ur going on the same album as me ;]


I am ushually not a big fan of ambient music, but this ong made my thoughts different! the song about half way through and a good soft synth in the song was amazing! 5/5 10/10 Good song!


Dude, this is really amazin'. Lovin' it.