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Reviews for "==(Cloudclimber)=="

The power of flight!

Ive dreamt ive had super powers, and ive always loved the thought of free light, now when all i can think of is time travel or super strength, or speed! But then i heard this song, and i read your description, omfg! Dude youve brought my vision to life, my ultimate goal in life how ever impossible it may seem is to learn free flight lol! Impossible? maybe! but its worth a try haha! Awsome stuff il have this blaring while im flying! And thats my dream! This music is so relaxing, i feel like im just lying on my back with my hands behind my head slowly gliding over everything! the song sets the mood for greater things, the want of grandeur! I LOVE IT! Good job man! Makes good driving music in my mind too.


You are doing perfect keep it up!


after reading your comment with the music playing in the background, i had a sudden feeling of serenity


Nuff' Said.
Calm with a good rythym to follow. Excellent.


Loved it, reminded me a bit of pink floyd, and that is definitely a good thing