Reviews for "***MYDINGDONGISONFIRE***"

Atleast Its Better Then All The Rest Of Ur Stuff

sure Again Theres no Point At All but At Least U Didn Sure Sum1 Catch On Fire And Play That Music like ur Other 10 or so =/

Marked4AdminReview responds:

you got the wrong guy... mwa ha haha ha hahahaha haaha!!sgfdgdfxbcvbcvhbeyu35


Where the hell is the benny hill music and the....... NVM I guess its best u didnt show ne more then what was shown. ty.

incomplete, yes sir-ee!

way too short... you really should stay away from computers when your drunk...
well, i hope that the completed version has somewhat of a plot, or something to exaplain what the hell is going on.
graphics look ok, and that song seems alright.
so hurry up and finish!
overall score: 5/10
(THE THUMB: sideways)

Did I sneeze?

Argg, I am unsure how to rate this. The animation was good, but the idea just didn't click. The song was fun, but it was WAYYY to short. Keep on working on it, and maybe I'll up my rating once the full flash comes out.


i definately wasn't expecting that. good job of being original and unoriginal in the same time.

by the way... whats the name of that song?

Marked4AdminReview responds:

the ding dong song. by gunther or something. vibes acctually mentioned it on the bbs a whiles ago...