Reviews for "***MYDINGDONGISONFIRE***"


Oh lala!

Reminds my of that Short Circuit movie.

This was weird.

I really don't understand this flash. At all.

Marked4AdminReview responds:

What?! You don't understand awesome?



I though it will be ISONFIRE series but isn't?But the music is good never hear that song before?Hope to see the finish version soon.


great but incomplete

that's why i gave you 9.

u have a clock helping you

this flash will survive no matter what :\ it isnt good Xill~

Marked4AdminReview responds:

dude... it was protected over a day ago...
get with the times man!

...and bomb clock is prolly more down with hooks crew than the clock crew anyhoo. me too. you didn't think that through now did you?

And now onto the character assasination:
Flash by Xill:
- none -

Message from Xill:
Yo im kinda new to NG but since i know a lot about comps i practically know everything already about NG you will be seeing a lot of me Xill~

Age: 23
Gender: Male
Habitat: Anchorage.AK
Job: none

<there is a poorly scaled picture of cloud in this guy's profile too...>