Reviews for "Adrenaline FX"

Fuken Nice!!

Awesome tune mate.. Deserves to be on the top 5.

To Bad its not longer :(

axeFX responds:

srry man =[ ill try and increase the length / work on the looping


its kinda short i liked it a lot. i want protools

axeFX responds:

Ive heard it isn't the best... but ill have to test that one out on my own

:o No Way

Awesome beat and rhythm, Great Work

axeFX responds:

LOL 2 isnt a letter

I will help where I can wit da score my fine pal

yes as much as I can i will vote on this and up its score :) .This sounds mario Kartish to me hehe

axeFX responds:

thanks buddy ol' pal


Words cannot really describe how great this song is...

I'll just say I love the structure of this song... the sounds you chose are great, so is the melody, synth, bass, etc.

No criticism needed.