Reviews for "Adrenaline FX"

Adrenaline FX

This song's great. It's got two main parts that serve as a refreshment from each other, with a steady transition in between.

It doesn't take long for the song to develop. The introduction only lasts 12 seconds and sets the right mood for the song. It tells the listener that we're in for a fast paced piece of music.

When we hit 12 seconds, we get a slow synthesizer in the background with an overall very pleasing sound. It sounds similar to the introduction with a few effects here and there, so one might say: This song is dull and repetitive. I'd disagree, because at 35 seconds we hit a transition and I know that we're going to have a different song from that point on. The actual transition is done great, building up, falling, remaining unsteady. I love it when it's done like that.

Then we get to the second half of the song, which just repeats over and over until we get to the ending, which is constructed great. Absolutely great. To sum it up: Great job "axeFX" WINKWINKWINK. Keep it up, G. WINKWINKWINK. If you get my drift.


axeFX responds: