Reviews for "Adrenaline FX"


awesome. a bit repetetive but i got over that quick. great melodies and rythms. looking forward to see ur future work with better programs :D


axeFX responds:

thx man :D


The beat is funkin' great !

axeFX responds:

funkin' great!

good stuff

Great mix, my only complaint is that its too short! Keep up the good work

axeFX responds:

ill try and make it longer next time


you know, you said you dont remember anything about piano but i think you are wrong, your composition has always reminded me a little of the way you play parts on a piano

axeFX responds:

Well if you say so :P


This audio could totally be made into a Nintendo game like in one of them high tech games. I even came up with a small idea for my characters. if I had flash I may have used this.

axeFX responds:

Well I hope it gets used in some nice flashes =)