Reviews for "Script Of The Day"


I saw alot of mushroom clouds and gay shit like dicks in asses and stuff. You're one sick motherfucker!!!


Looks like Britney Spears' pubic hair............

Very Very nice

I really like stuff like this.

There was a site I once saw which opened up a little window into which popped a variety of creatures (like these spiders) which you could pick up and drop and stuff. They looked like empty polygon thingies but they ambled along and if you picked them up the dangled from the point you grabbed them by and struggled against you. It was amazing, but I can't remember what it was, unfortunately.

No blood?...

Oh shit someone put thought into something it's not a bunch of ripped off comic shit. Nice job keep it up.=)


So.. Many.. Spiders.. Lol I love it.. Except I was pushing the button rather rapidly and my computer froze... :) I have a problem lol but I still think its great