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Reviews for "Helix - Fear"


Man, i've been searching for the perfect song for my flash for a while now. I was about to give up hope for finding one. Its going to be a space fight similar to Ci: unregulated... but compleatly diffrent. Is it okay if I use this for it. (yeah, it will be a 3d flash if i can do it right.)

Helix6 responds:

Well I'm glad my track is appropriate for you... I was thinking my stuff is a little too off base to really be used for much on NG, but if you are making an off-base flash, go for it. :)


i absolutely love the hard industrial sound you have to your techno that atually makes it worthy of being in this catagory. i even created a ng account just to comment you and tell you to keep it up! i love listening to this stuff while playing counter strike or something

Helix6 responds:

Thanks a lot.


I love this music. i cant get enough

Helix6 responds:

Hopefully some more is on the way soon. My computer has been kind of dysfunctional lately, and I'm working 50 hour weeks. But I'm trying!

Epic stuff!

Reminds me of something out of Metroid Prime. Man, I love Metroid Prime.
Though I tend not to listen to dark/industrial techno, this song is good enough for me to go out of my way to vote 5, review 10, AND favorite.
Nice work!

Helix6 responds:

Thanks. I'll try to make more stuff that I like in the future.

What happened to him???

Does anyone know if helix6 is still producing music??? Perhaps on another site or under a different name???