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Reviews for "Helix - Fear"

oh diggity,

so i just submitted my first industrial track and thought i'd see what i'm up against. I must say, this is pretty fuckin awesome. what is needed now is some heavy reverb screams and some trent reznor. seriously, this so dirty and delicious. it even has a groove to it, so some sick industrial lover can dance to it. good god man. heavy and slick. the drum and bass work is done by a skilled master. no wonder it's a gold track.

Helix6 responds:

Thanks. Don't know what else to say, except nice analysis.

Gotta say it.

I love your music. Its really something I gotta try to use in an animation and hopefully do it some justice.

Helix6 responds:

Please do! It's interesting to see what people put my music to visually.

everything is on fire .....please help that person

the way you made this........from the drums to the guitars is what I expect to hear when someone claims to be industrial......damn......if hit or miss this is a hit for sure........you could sneak into brainwaves and control the hands and arms till they do what you want.......made me feel a little too good........You don't have to fix anything but if you want try a little chorus somwhere in a new song......like just one little part even if you just rant for a second.......might add more punch or something.......

Rock On!

This song is awesome, I never heard anything like it before!

Wow !

That's the right song i was looking for...
hey... i can use it (obviously giving you credit) in a animation ?
Great song !