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Reviews for "Helix - Fear"

Holy fuck!

Dude, seriously that was amazing. As the guy above me said I was also waiting for Reznor to burst into that...Wonderful. You are my favorite muscian on NG. Is it alright if I use this in an animation?

Helix6 responds:

Use away... and thank you. Expect some new stuff soon... I'm trying to make time, but you know how it is.

Great song!

I like these kind of dark songs, it could be darker, but that's just me. Another awsome song. Actually I'm submitting this review, to apologise about the two exact same reviews from me. Somehow NG screwed up and gave it two of the same reviews from me ! <:\. I must have double clicked the submit button. Oh well. Great song!



Helix6 responds:

Thanks. I have a lot of darker stuff, that hopefully I will be submitting soon. Kind of busy with lots of other things right now, but with more and more positive reviews, I'm compelled to get more out.

Nice one

Yea i agree with hysteria.

for those stealth yet puzzle like games.

this is just awesome. i wanna run around in circles

Helix6 responds:

I think it would go well in high-intensity Splinter Cell action.

Very good.

This song holds a quality almost like that of something nasty crawling outta the inky-black depths to fuck you up, ya know?

Helix6 responds:

Yeah. Or 5 SWAT team guys with MP5's and 11-87's coming to blow your guts out.

Man, brings back memories...
I used to listen to this for hours when I first heard it. Really amazing stuff, 9/10.