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Reviews for "Helix - Fear"

Nice one

Yea i agree with hysteria.

for those stealth yet puzzle like games.

this is just awesome. i wanna run around in circles

Helix6 responds:

I think it would go well in high-intensity Splinter Cell action.

dude, awesome.

sneaky, for those stealth games, totally awesome.

Helix6 responds:

Thanks - glad you enjoyed it.


I liked it. It seems like a pretty good song for those tight situations. I can't wait for more from you.

Helix6 responds:

Like when you have to snap the dude's neck before he alerts his buddies, but then they hear you and the shit hit's the fan? Silenced Five-seveN time.


This would go perfect with Jannson..

Helix6 responds:

Hmm. Not sure what you are talking about.


man this wud b awesome to have a tab for this aye

Helix6 responds: