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Reviews for "Helix - Fear"


MY BIG SMILE! >:D COOL...perfect... and nice!


I Used to waste an hour every day last year during summer listening to this from the audio portal. 10/10!

If you don't mind

I'd like to use this in a quick scene in my flash movie that I'm working on. Love the song!

Epic stuff!

Reminds me of something out of Metroid Prime. Man, I love Metroid Prime.
Though I tend not to listen to dark/industrial techno, this song is good enough for me to go out of my way to vote 5, review 10, AND favorite.
Nice work!

Helix6 responds:

Thanks. I'll try to make more stuff that I like in the future.

Very good.

This song holds a quality almost like that of something nasty crawling outta the inky-black depths to fuck you up, ya know?

Helix6 responds:

Yeah. Or 5 SWAT team guys with MP5's and 11-87's coming to blow your guts out.