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Reviews for "Helix - Fear"

Rock On!

This song is awesome, I never heard anything like it before!

everything is on fire .....please help that person

the way you made this........from the drums to the guitars is what I expect to hear when someone claims to be industrial......damn......if hit or miss this is a hit for sure........you could sneak into brainwaves and control the hands and arms till they do what you want.......made me feel a little too good........You don't have to fix anything but if you want try a little chorus somwhere in a new song......like just one little part even if you just rant for a second.......might add more punch or something.......


Great for a evil theme song


Helix6, you kick ass! If you are ever make a CD i'd COPY a CD straight away!

You are probably the best artist on newgrounds!

Helix6, you kick ass! If you are ever make a CD i'd buy a copy straight away!