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Reviews for "Helix - Fear"

Dude, you rock!

But if I may, I know what it's like getting suggestons from people who know not of what they speak, but hear me out, please.

You are an excellent author, but to me, it seems as though you're making the wrong type of misuc. Your talent of mixing and producing is superb, but to me it appears your potential would lie in full techno, industrial isn't for you in my opinion.

Please take no offense, I do like your work


Helix6 responds:

I try not to write into a certain genre, just what seems right to me. That's why my music doesn't really fit where it is categorized. If it sounds right to me, that's the genre I guess.

totaly awsome man

You are a genius!

Helix6 responds:

I don't know about that... :)

oh diggity,

so i just submitted my first industrial track and thought i'd see what i'm up against. I must say, this is pretty fuckin awesome. what is needed now is some heavy reverb screams and some trent reznor. seriously, this so dirty and delicious. it even has a groove to it, so some sick industrial lover can dance to it. good god man. heavy and slick. the drum and bass work is done by a skilled master. no wonder it's a gold track.

Helix6 responds:

Thanks. Don't know what else to say, except nice analysis.

Dude...... holy shit

theres no words that can express how i feel about this song.... but HOLY SHIT!! i got my speakers on MAX volume right now and i wish it could go higher! i love it man, such clarity! keep up the good work man, cause i wanna hear more!!

Helix6 responds:

Wow, thanks a lot. More is here. No Regret has just been released. I hope you enjoy it.

Great song!

I like these kind of dark songs, it could be darker, but that's just me. Another awsome song. Actually I'm submitting this review, to apologise about the two exact same reviews from me. Somehow NG screwed up and gave it two of the same reviews from me ! <:\. I must have double clicked the submit button. Oh well. Great song!



Helix6 responds:

Thanks. I have a lot of darker stuff, that hopefully I will be submitting soon. Kind of busy with lots of other things right now, but with more and more positive reviews, I'm compelled to get more out.