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Reviews for "Thinkin' bout's Life...y'know?"

Absolutely Fantastic!

This is one of the best examples of pixel art I've ever seen. My only suggestion would be to use a custom texture filter rather than one of the default ones that PS provides you, it's kind of obvious in the backdrop. If you can't afford software such as filter forge or can't find 3rd party software to do the job, you could always use custom pattern overlays on your layers instead. Well, that's what I'd do at any rate. But seriously, this is fantastic. The figure's anatomy, the overall perspective, color scheme, and shading were well thought out and deliberate. I'd totally buy a print of this.

Rooshie responds:

Thanks for the info!..and for the 10!

Just love it!

Very nice art.. keep it rolling'

I wish I could MSPaint

nuf' said

Rooshie responds:

Tis easy as 1 2 3, baby you and me.

MS Paint & Mouse 0_o

Holy shit, man !
Amazing !


I really like this style of art. I especially like the pattern in the background. Color scheme is awesome. Also I'm a huge fan of gorillas :)

Rooshie responds: