Reviews for "Satan Has Class"


indeed he looks smarter now with glaces on :O


Love this one ^_^


Its like High school pic, good details

How cool

I could have sworn this was used in one of the Leo And Satan episodes. Then again, I guess it couldn't have because this came out after the other episodes. It's great to see Satan being presented in such a goofy manner. He was already like that to begin with, but this is him at his silliest. He looks like he's a college professor. What I like the most is how you captured all the ridiculous things about this appearance.

What's funny about this character is how his face contrasts with his more monstrous body. He's probably the biggest mood swinger I've seen in anything ever. I especially love the design of his horns with how they curve out over everything. Seeing as how he is depicted with goat legs, it makes sense he would have goat horns. That's quite a gap between those front teeth.