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Reviews for "-good ol' new funk-"

funky grandmaster of funky funk

I remember loading demonic defense just to listen to this song. damn decent you're tops with me man. I've seen plenty of good artists but none as great and consistent as you are. you bring the funk waterflame, thank you

i know where i've heard this!!!!!!!!!!!

its from denomic defense 3 the menu screen i love that game!

YEp. ten stars

But I swear I've heard this before!
When did this come out?

good ol' new fan

lol, I like the title, and the song is very fun and catchy. I love it, and I think I heard in a few flashes but they never gave credit! D: I love your happy and upbeat style, it's one that's hard to find here on newgrounds. Thanks! ^.^

nice man

you are way to amasing for earth.